Games that stimulate the intelligence.

Welcome to the best intelligence stimulation program ever created. An adaptive program for children and teenagers. Provided by the best scientists, the perfect complement for education arrives for brain evaluation and development.

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Each pupil is unique. A different program for each one.

The perfect customized training. Every 28 days, a cognitive evaluation is performed, where a daily training program is configured. Every day, 15 minutes of training with scientifically designed games. Every 30 days, the progress report. The improvement obtained during the month.

Every day that goes by, your pupils become brighter with Beebrite Edu.

Excellent combination of 5 games per day in order to empower the mental processses.
We adapt to an infinite and magnificent range of cognitive profiles.
The precise time
Scientific studies have proven that with just 15 minutes of training a day the necessary stimulus needed to improve intelligence are obtained.
A short effort
Short sessions that do not interrupt daily routine and help move steadly forward towards brain capacity improvement.
Before and after
An adecuate test battery that extracts information about the situation and balance of cognitive processes of each child.
Training tracking
Periodic evaluations that indicate the way to follow in order to improve their intellects.
The progress
All the data stored by the artificial intelligence of Neurohex™ are carefully structured in the Monthly Progress Report.
Month after month
All the progress, activity and evaluation data coming right to you. Month after Month, automatically.

The perfect complement for education.

Management Platform

Tracking and analysis of all the program.
Activity, statistics and transfer, in
real time. All of this, in a hierarchical system
separated by roles.

Monthly Progress Report

Parents and Tutors.
A detailed document
that reflects all the
progress, gain, activity and
perception obtained by each
pupil of the centre every month

Pupils' Platform

Cognitive stimulation through playing and playing.
Motivation. Rewards
There is no chance to get lost.

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Our smart engine.

Artificial intelligence and neuroscience combine together for the first time in the world's most advanced cognitive stimulation engine, Neurohex™.

A powerful technology that allows for 100% customization of the Beebrite Edu training program for every pupil. Complex Big Data networks feed the artificial intelligence of Neurohex, that will create specific parameters for each user in order to obtain an optimal training of all his or her cognitive abilities.

In cooperation with the best ones.


Each step of the path to make our product as it is could not have been possible without working with the best scientific institutions.

n-back, key to professional and educational success.

We empower the key factor when it comes to achieving professional success: the Fluid Intelligence. Implementing the technique used by the University of Michigan in their neuroscientist investigations, the n-back. It is capable of empowering pupil skills that help them perform in complex and high demanding environments.

Fastened learning

Fundamental components of learning such as attention and working memory, empowered through online cognitive stimulation exercises. Demonstrated by the University of Stanford.

Traning for leadership

Researchers from the Tohoku University demonstrated that only 15 minutes a day of certain brain training games empowered executive functions, processing speed and working memory in young people.

Creating smart schools

Thanks to Beebrite Edu, every one of the pupils of the centre will have their own customized training, which will allow them to obtain better performance in their mental processes.

At the forefront of neuroscientific investigation.

Neurohex™ database constitutes the base layer on top of which Beebrite, in close cooperation with prestigious scientific entities, conducts pioneer investigations about neuroscience and cognitive stimulation for children and teenagers around the world. Your center will belong to the neuroscientific investigation elite.

Innovative Centre with pupils prepared for success.

As it has already been proved, by empowering skills such as executive functions or fluid intelligence your pupils will be ready for complex and high demanding environments that education and professional life will present.

For them and the ones behind them.
We rolled up our sleeves and managed to do it.

We would like to introduce you to it.

Beebrite Edu

App now available on iPad.